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Tak perasan pun ada madu luar negara ni kat ofis. Sapa yang bagi pun tak tau. Tersimpan elok di atas kabinet pantry tak berusik. Sapa yang pergi luar negara dan belikan buahtangan madu ni. Rasa macam dah lama  kot sebab dah hampir expired. Ermmm madu ada expired jugak ek? Saya pun tak tau. Saya tak tau juga apa beza madu tualang kat malaysia dengan madu autralia red gum honey ni. Tapi saya rasa orang beli ni dengan harga yang mahal sebab dibeli kat luar negara. Saya berkenankan botolnya kecil, comel dan ada pelekat yang cantik.

Nak try search kejap…

Red Gum  = Redgum (Marri) trees are widespread in the Australian bushland and generally flower each year, usually from February to March producing a light coloured honey with sweet perfumed tones.

Nak berkongsi tips berkenaan madu dari

  1. · When measuring, dip the spoon in hot water first so the honey slides off easily.
  2. · Use light coloured honey for light coloured cakes, biscuits and stewed fruits.
  3. · Use a darker honey for stronger flavour in gingerbread, chocolates etc.
  4. · Cakes and biscuits made with honey keep longer as honey absorbs and retains moisture.
  5. · Honey helps baked foods stay soft and can improve the texture and flavour.
  6. · Use the same measure when substituting honey for sugar but reduce liquid content by a ¼.
  7. · Always keep the lid on your honey and in a dry place - but not in the fridge.
  8. If your Honey has candied / crystallised, either: Place it in a black bag in direct sun light (the black bag protects the honey from harmful UV rays that would other wise harm your honey).
  9. Or Stand the container of honey in a sink of very warm water.
  10. With either of these methods, periodical stirring of the honey is recommended to return the honey to its natural fluid state.
  11. Please don't microwave your honey, as this will destroy all the natural goodness of your honey.

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